Build and scale HTML5-based dynamic and motion ads for digital out of home.

Features of the Creative Builder

Creative templates

Build HTML5-based dynamic and motion ads for outdoor advertising, using pre-made creative templates that are able to run across various digital screens in your country.

Preview To REVIEW

Use the preview tool to get a feel of what your creatives will look like in multiple different environments. Make use of the ability to share your creatives with colleagues and business partners.


Effortlessly publish your creatives, and launch your very own DOOH campaigns across screens in Europe.

Why care about dynamic ads?

Countless research and surveys have shown that the usage of personalised marketing messages not only increase the attention gathered by an advertisement, but also leave a positive impression in consumers minds. This is also the reason why marketers are constantly looking for new ways to achieve that. One challenge of personalisation is its inability to be scaled.

And with OOH going from paper to programmatic, and slowly taking on features inherent to online advertising, we wish to present you with the Creative Builder. A new feature from Sage+Archer that allows you to effortlessly create and publish dynamic ads. All that without any support from external third parties.

Read more about the power of personalisation >



Get certified as media owner for dynamic DOOH creatives. For agencies and brands to be able to effortlessly run dynamic creative on your digital screens, Sage+Archer conducts a check to assure you and brands that the HTML5-build  templates meet your requirements and regulations. Those who earn and hold the S+A DC Certification have successfully run our standardized creative DOOH templates, allowing marketeers to enhance their DOOH content with dynamic and full-motion capabilities. Interesting in becoming a Certified Partner? Reach out to S+A’s Certification Officer

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Build and scale HTML5-based dynamic and motion ads for digital out of home.

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