1 Brand Safety

Digital marketers are increasingly confronted with a lack of brand safety. From fraudulent publishers faking their identity to bot traffic and malicious content: being able to fully trust where creatives are shown is a real challenge. Especially programmatic advertising suffers from these fraudulent practices as in its complexity and focus on data driven ad buys it often is very hard to get a transparent insight on where ads are running and who you are dealing with. S+A manually checks all ad placements and guarentees ads will only run in brand safe environments.

2 Data verification

With GDPR, publishers and marketers need to be in full control of their data as the consent of the consumer given in their digital platforms is the legal basis for data processing. This makes it increasingly more important to oversee the way data is processed and consent is given across the landscape of digital platforms. In addition, data provided in the bidding process is often corrupt. S +A manually checks the data and makes sure data provided can be used.

3 Transparency

We operate in a fully transparent way. With the reporting tool and inventory discovery feature we disclose all data we get from media owners. Marketers have full control over where their ads are running and for what price.

4 Premium media

S+A focus is on premium local media owners. Programmatic media buying has been associated with rest inventory and the bottom end of the spectrum inventory. S+A only connects media that is considered worth the marketers time. Programmatically bought does not mean not premium. It just means using the most efficient way of buying ads.

5 Rich Dynamic Creative

When you buy an ad space you want to create impact. From research we have learned that using dynamic creatives have an increased impact. Using the possibilities of dynamic creatives such as location, weather, traffic the news etc. pushes the value of your campaign.

Clients + Cases

Don’t forget to checkout our blog with several programmatic digital out-of-home + mobile cases. Let us know if you spot or run a great campaign so we can add new cases.



Giving back control to the marketer with all the benefits of automated marketing without the complexity, fraud and intransparency.

Marketers have trust issues when it comes to digital marketing and automated buying of advertising. They love the efficiency and effectiveness programmatic marketing has to offer, yet are weary of the complexity, intransparency and fraud that accompanies it now.

S+A offers a marketing platform that is easy to use and has a focus on premium advertising space. Running digital campaigns through the platform gives marketers the safety and security the data offered is correct and consumers have given consent to use it.